Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LTAW will take place in Paris Saturday 10/1 at 7.30pm local time

Let’s take a walk #23 will take place Saturday October 1st as part of
La Nuit Blache in Paris along side a very exciting program of Lauren Quenehen's Art Space Les Salaisons
Please tune in and follow me on Twitter the walk/performance is schedule to start at 7.30pm (19h30)
Please see the time zone to find out what time it will be were you are.

Let’s Take a Walk
Interactive Performance/Installation
Let’s Take a Walk uses the phenomenon of Twitter so that participants all over the world can join in a “group walk.”
remember to film your journey, the various footage will becomes a video installation showing the experience of our group walking in different places but moving synchronized through the same footprints.
Walking together, apart. Exploring ideas of isolation and community, calling to mind both guided tour groups and flaneur wanderings.
Looking forward to share this walk with you.
Invite a friend, a lover, an enemy, a stranger to join you.
Please scroll down and select a month on blog archive to see details on past walks.
Thank you
marie christine

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