Friday, November 26, 2010

LTAW #15

I am thankful...
For your participation and support. Saturday 11/27 at 11 am EST I will start sending you messages via Twitter guiding you
to follow my walk from anywhere in the world, please film or photograph your journey. I will later assemble all the various footage
to create a visual journal of our combined walks.

For the first time, in all those years living in New York City I went to the Macy Thanksgiving Parade. 72nd street was way too crowded so I zoomed down to 59 street an found a wonderful spot to enjoy the experience.
I wish I had conducted LTAW #15 at that moment, how great it would have been to include thankfulness in such a visible way into LTAW. However no matter where the walk will take place I want to thank you for all your continuous support.
I hope that you can participate in LTAW #15.

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