Monday, March 7, 2011

The next step, Unraveling

Some of you might know that since January I am part of a residency program at The Field.
It will cumulate into an evening of 7 short performances at the Kitchen on March 21st at 7.30pm
The Kitchen is at 512 West 19th street

I am extremely luck and grateful to have a wonderful group of people working alongside with me on Unraveling.

Conceived & Written by
Marie Christine Katz
Co directed by Marie Christine Katz & Eleonore Dyl
Props and Set Design by
Marie Christine Katz

Performed by
Albert Covelli
Marie Christine Katz
Nathalie Michel
Daniel Allen Nelson
Valerie Norman Ornstein
Dina Paisner
Jennifer Sklias-Gahan

Thank you for your support.
bise Marie Christine