Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Velada Santa Lucia was fantastic

What an fantastic experience in so many ways. People from Maracaibo as well as visitors and fellow artists have been so generous and willing to participate and help in my project Let's take a walk. It has been an inspiring week and feel privileged to be part of The Velada Santa Lucia 2012.
During the first few days I spent my time sitting by the side walk knitting and talking with passerby while teaching them to knit.

Drawing by An Edec

All the knitted part were used to make the elements of the Unraveling Dresses I wore during the performances.

The Performances took place on the 2nd and the 3rd of March at 7.30pm

The wonderful Town Crier Yarines Suarez and Sonia Stormes the fantastic musician/ drummer were calling on to people to join us for a walk, while Robert Chirinos the "Tweet Master" sent you the walking directions via Twitter

We had crowd and what a fantastic group of people...

As I walked the knitted dress unraveled, leaving traces of our journey...

After the walk with Juan Diego, one of the knitter/walker, Robert Chirinos the "Tweet Master" the Town Crier Yarines Suarez and Sonia Stormes the drummer.

The Velada Santa Lucia #12 was an enriching experience, I am so happy to have been part of it. If you took the walk please send me your photos and videos at no cost to you via You Send It

Thank you so much to everyone at the Velada Santa Lucia as well as to anyone who followed the walk via Twitter