Friday, November 9, 2012

LTAW #30

Hello everyone
Let's take a walk #30 took place on the way to the Voting Booth, 
I wonder where you were? Who did you invite to join you? What shape did your journey take?
Beside casting my vote, the highlight of my journey was to cross path with Herbert, my 96 year old neighbor,on his way home from voting.
Use to send your footages, photos & videos. 
In the last few days, since the storm, I have been thinking of a folk song I grew up hearing, "La haut sure la montagne"
It's the story of Jean whose cottage was destroyed by snow and rocks
but Jean with a valiant hart rebuild it more beautiful than it ever was…  I hope that our region and places ravaged by the storm will build again, stronger than ever.
As always I thank you for your participation, encouragements & support.
All my best Marie Christine

Walking toward the LGBT center where I cast my vote for Obama

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's take a walk TO THE VOTING BOOTH

Hello my friends,
This will be the 30th walk with a particularly important purpose. It will be a call for everyone to vote in the US Presidential Election on Tuesday. At 11am New York time I will be tweeting my journey on the way to my polling station, hosted at the LGBT center.You can join me via Twitter by following mcayer. As I walk I will be talking to people in the street, urging them to go to vote. The tweet messages I'll send will also serve as a call to vote. You can help by joining the walk & by re tweeting.
Your vote is your choice and your voice. 
People affected by the Storm have survival in their mind, some will not even be able to go and vote.
Let's find ways to help, be safe everyone. 
Bise Marie Christine

Yesterday on Staten Island with Lindsay B. Davis and her friend Karen Maria Schleifer helping out in the cleaning out process. Karen was raising everyone's spirit with her voice and her hugs.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Part 1: The Knitting

It was a delight to present Let’s Take a Walk…I need you as  part of the 8th annual Art in Odd Places festival. My deepest thanks to the performers, the photographers and the passer by I have now the challenging task of selecting and editing photos, videos and wonderful stories.
Here is a little preview of what happened 
For 5 days I walked along 14 Street inviting passer by to knit. Walking, knitting exchanging stories, unraveling…

Photo by Marie Christine Katz

Photo by Taliana Katz
Photo Scott Lynch

Going from the west side high way
where strikers where demanding their dues

To Ave C Con Edison Power Plant


Photo by Zeenat Mansoor courtesy of mck
Photo by Susan Now courtesy of mck

Together we knitted those 6 elements that I used to create the dresses for LTAW #28 & #29

Photo by Marie Christine Katz

To see the Art in Odd Places Blog entry with photos please click here Let's take a walk...I need you 
and a coverage of the festival with a wonderful photo by Scott Lynch on The Local East Village
Art in Odd Places (AiOP) presents visual and performance art in unexpected public
Curated by Edwin Ramoran. Joined by Guest Curators: Raquel de Anda, Christine Licata, Shaun J. Wright; Curatorial Coordinator, Lyra Monteiro; Assistants, Claire H. Demere and John Wenrich. Festival Producer, Sarah Brozna Founder/Director, EdWoodham   

Photos displayed in this blog post courtesy of Marie Christine Katz

Let's take a walk #28 & 29

Let’s take a walk # 28 & #29, departed from Union Square south A drummer, a town crier, a tweet master and myself lead the walk along 14th Street 
Using the phenomenon of Twitter to organize “group walks To be part of the walk from anywhere in the world please follow    
Invite a friend, a lover, an enemy, a stranger to join us.
Looking forward to share those moments with you

This could only take place with the wonderful contribution, creativity & generosity of the cast as well as the support of the public and passerby. My thanks go to Susan Now, Jeremy Ayers and Jay Allen Zimmerman.  

The Drummers: walk 28 Jeremy Ayers  
                     &walk 29 Al Covelli  
Tweet Master Cheryl Kaplan 
The Guide Marie Christine Katz 
The  Town Crier Jennifer Sklias-Gahan 
Photos  on this post by Susan Now, courtesy of mck


Jeremy Ayers

Keep Walking

What do you want to say to a far away friend?

Let's take a walk #29 started at Union Sq, we walked toward the east side.

LTAW #29
What do you want to say to someone far away?
Jennifer Sklias-Gahan, Look up

Cheryl Kaplan Twitting the walking directions

What's your wish for someone you love
Al Covelli 
Setting the unravelled yarn to be displayed 
Thank you for your support

Photos of the walks by Susan Now, courtesy of mck
We Walked along 14 street in NYC I wonder where you took your walk
My deepest thanks to everyone.

Bise marie christine

Shlepping & Displaying

The third part of "Let's take a walk...I need you" consisted of the displaying of the unravelled dresses. I walked along 14 street back and forth on the Saturday and the Monday following LTAW#28 & LTAW#29 carrying, dragging and at time hanging the dresses.  Here are some images.

Day 1 of Shlepping & Displaying Photo Marie Christine Katz
Photo Ted Roeder courtesy of mck
Photo Marie Christine Katz

 Photo Marie Christine Katz  

Photo Marie Christine Katz  
A coffe break Photo Marie Christine Katz

Photo  Marie Christine Katz 

Photo Jeremy Ayers courtesy of mck

Photo  Marie Christine Katz 

  Marie Christine & Jeremy Ayers Photo courtesy of mck

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Teamster for OBAMA Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck
Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Photo Marie Christine Katz

Photo Marie Christine Katz

Photo Marie Christine Katz

Photo Marie Christine Katz

Photo Marie Christine Katz

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck

Photo Jeremy Ayers Courtesy of mck
Photo Marie Christine Katz
Photo Marie Christine Katz