Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Let's Take A Walk #59 took place during The International Day of Peace

To celebrate The International Day of Peace Let’s Take a Walk #59 took place at Ward's Island in Toronto together we observe the IDoP traditional one minute of silence at noon. As we explored Ward's Island in Toronto, we focused on Peace. Peace around us and in the world, we all want it don't we? don't we? and for peace of mind, for our children, our children, we all need it don't we? 

I am so grateful to Catharina Goldnau the wonderful #tweetmaster & #storyteller, to Heather Gentleman for guiding me to the discovery of Ward's Island, to Susan Steward to introducing me to her friends Heather and Catharina and to you dear friends whose presence is so deeply appreciated. 

The knitting: for this walk the gathering of stories began in New York and continued on Ward's Island the day prior the walk. We talked of peace, shared concerns and hope. I learned about the inhabitants of the Island, their resolve to save their homes and prevent the construction of a casino. The entire walk can be seen @LetsTakeaWalk_World on Instagram  



Let's Take a Walk #59

Free Library 






Some of the people who worked on the preservation of Ward's Island






Schlepping Displaying

Merging two projects, @LetsTakeaWalk_World & @DancingAlonewithmyShadow


Let's Take a Walk is a worldwide walk I lead using Twitter, since 2009. As it evolved, it became an on-site performance, participants from anywhere in the world can join in via X Twitter @mcayer and @letstakeawalk_world on Instagram Live. During the performance, I encourage observers to join in. On-site, a Town Crier, Tweet Master, and Drummer assist me. During the walk, we pause questions on a specific topic(s) #Peace, #Earthday, #HumanRight, prompting dialogue, inviting participants to sing a song, say something nice to someone; as we journey, the knitted overskirt I wear (created days before each walk with passerby) unravels, leaving traces. Performance artifacts, film, and photographs of our journeys are compiled into an installation, showing the experience of our group walking in different places yet moving in sync. See all the walks on this blog. So far, there have been 59 walks; each is a shared moment—a step towards Peace. Duration detail: Performance time 40 minutes, of which 20 minutes are shared via Twitter and Instagram Live #WalkingTogetherApart.

It was wonderful to share this moment with you.


A bientôt

Marie Christine 

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Let's Take a Walk #58 took place at Greyfriars Kirkyard

Dear Friends and fellow walkers.

Thank you so much to those who joined in for Let's Take a Walk #58 via Twitter @mcayer & Instagram Live @LetstakeaWalk_World. LTAW#58 occurred at Greyfriars Kirkyard In Edinburgh during the EdFringe Festival, #walkingtogetherapart for #OurChildren and #PositiveChangesThroughStoryTelling. 


Here are some images, but the entire walk can be viewed on Instagram LetsTakeaWalk_World

The Stories-tellers Eric and Paul
The Town Crier & Sound Designer Patti.
The TweetMaster Elena 

I was your Guide
The Storytellers enchanted us by spinning a yard about Harry Potter, JK Rolling, the Immortals, Tom Riddle Grave, Tardigrade, and The Dog Bobby.  

"Without the inspiration of the past there would be no Harry Potter for millions to enjoy. The ancient cementry of the walk gave rise to he who can not be named".

I would rather have Peace. Together, we walked, sang #DonaNobisPacem, and asked ourselves, "What creative magic can you do for your community?" We stroked the dog Bobby's nose for good luck while thinking of you; legend has it that when Bobby's master died, he stayed on site for fourteen years. 
As we walked we acknowledged the Magical power Children have and the incredible work the young adult generation does to bring positive changes in the world.

My gratitude goes to the excellent Tweet Master Elena Messinger, the playful Town Crier/ Sound Designer Patti Cohen, and the wonderful Storytellers Eric Messinger and Paul Katz.   

Thank you so much to all of you who joined us virtualy, I hope that you enjoyed Let's Take a Walk #58 as much as we did. 

I am so grateful for your participation and look forward to our next walk, #walkingtogetherapart #withLoveforPeace.              
A Bientôt Bye Bye