Thursday, August 27, 2020

Let's Take a (Virtual Guided) Walk #46

Let's Take a (Virtual, Twitter Guided) Walk #46 took place at 1pm Friday 8/28th, in honor of Martin Luther King's historic "I Have a Dream" speech that took place 57 years ago,   LTAW #4 was dedicated to the anti-war march lead by MLK that took place in NYC from Central Park South to the United Nations   


Here are the prompts if you wish to experience the journey in your own time. 

Walking separately but sharing a journey from anywhere in the world, whether indoors or outdoors via Twitter @mcayer or follow via story on Instagram.

How it works: From NYC, I will guide you via @mcayer on Twitter. For LTAW #46, Together, though apart, we'll create a similar footprint on different soil, #walkingtogetherapart. We will walk for Peace, joining virtually the many participants who will march tomorrow in Washington for Justice for all, #BlackLiveMatter.

How to join:  Follow @mcayer on Twitter to receive guiding tweets. Please take photos and videos of your walk and send them to me via Twitter or email. Adding to the ever-growing installation.  

History: So far, there have been 45 Twitter guided walks starting in 2009 LTAW each is a shared moment—a step towards peace

From near or far, I hope to share a journey with you. 

Thank you for your attention and support


Marie Christine