Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's take a walk #32

Let's take a walk #32 took place as part of "Brooklyn Utopias, in TRANSITion.
I wonder where you were? Who did you invite to join you? What shape did your journey take?
Please use you sent it to send me your footages, photos & videos at no cost to you.

Thank you to 
The Town Crier Antonia Lassar The Drummer Jason Rabinowitz 
&The Tweet Master Artem Yatsunov     

Here are some images of Knitting...I need you and Let's take a walk#32
Part one;  Knitting... I need you. Teaching people to knit and exchanging stories

A friend and the first participant.
I taught people to knit, together we knitted 6 panels of yarns

Friends teaching each others

A niece teaching her uncle
The knitted yarn panels in place for the performance

Part 2; 
Let's take a walk # 32 
Images of LTAW#32 will be added as I receive them

The Tweet Master 
The Drummer
The Town Crier
by Taliana  Katz courtesy mck
Photo by Paul Katz/ mck
Photo by Joris Katz/ mck

Photo by Joris Katz/mck
by Taliana Katz/mck

by Joris Katz/mck
by Joris Katz/mck

The Unravelled Dress
by Joris Katz/ mck

The Team after the performance
by Taliana Katz/mck 

by Joris Katz/mck
Photo by Taliana Katz/mck
"Brooklyn Utopia, in TRANSITion" curated by Katherine Gressel  is on view until January 2014

As always I thank you for your participation, encouragements & support.
All my best

Marie Christine