Thursday, April 22, 2021

Let's Take a Walk #52 #EarthDay

Let’s Take a (Virtual Twitter Guided) Walk #52 took place in honor of Earth Day, while #WalkingTogetherApart we planted a seed, a flower, or a tree, we beautify our neighborhoods, our streets with our actions and our (masked) smile and pick up trash.

We walked separately but shared a journey with people worldwide, picking up trash and finding treasures.


Finding Treasures

Trash picked up during the walk.
Plastic bags in place for people waiting in line to collect food donation later that day. Food scarcity & poverty in the LES.
Plant a seed, flowers or a tree.

Those two photos displayed in a store front window are by Guarionex Rodriguez Jr. and Brian Anton, to me this sparks the question, How do I protect myself and others during the pandemic without raising the use of plastic and other pollutants.

Thank you so much for your participation. 

From near or far, I hope to share a journey with you again.

I wish you love, laughters and wonderful discoveries.



Marie Christine