Sunday, October 2, 2011

LTAW #23 took place at Les Salaisons

La Nuit Blanche was fantastic but my favorite place was of course Laurent Quenehen's gallery Les Salaison in Romainsville featuring a group show of art and performances.
As part of this event had the pure pleasure of conducting Let's Take a Walk#23.
A big thank you to Anne-Marie Toffolo who was the town crier & Monsieur the drummer as well as the help of Laurent and Julie. I did encountered tech difficulties but if you received the tweets thanks to my friend Valerie who not only took fantastic photos, but also called in the direction to Paul my tweet master.
If you followed the walk and filmed/photographed your journey please send them to me via You Send It
Until the next walk,
Love from Paris
Marie Christine
photo by Valerie Planchez