Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's take a walk #20 in the Ramble

Let's take a walk took place in the Ramble, the wildest spot I know off in New York City.
I hope that despite the tech difficulties, yes I should have replaced the damaged screen on my I phone, you were able to follow and be part of the journey.
If you have any footage of your walk please send them to me via you send it
So wonderful to have this amazing place right in the center of Manhattan, I wonder where you took your walk.
Bise mc

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let's take a walk #20

Hello everyone

In honor of a friend who loved walking,

Let’s take a walk #20 will take place Saturday June 18th at 11am EST from what I believe to be a place as close to wilderness as can be found in New York City.
I hope that you can join us via Twitter

Let’s Take a Walk uses the phenomenon of Twitter so that participants all over the world can join in a “group walk.”
On scheduled times, participants (located in various locations throughout the world) would receive “tweet” messages, providing a series of walking/viewing directions to follow my path through a specific site. Requesting that they film their journey, the various footage becomes a video installation showing the experience of our group walking in different places but moving synchronized through the same footprints.

Walking together apart

Invite a friend, a lover, an enemy, a stranger to join you...