Monday, March 29, 2021

LTAW #51 took place at the enchanting Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica, during Deva & Miten's Gayatri Festival. This time, exceptionally, we did not tweet our journey, but our thoughts went to those who could not be with us. Did you, by chance, hum Dona Nobis Pacem at around 5.30 pm (EST)? Participants at the conclusion of our walk wrote in the sand, their walk focus; We walked for Compassion, Respect, Animal's right, Peace, and more. See photos included in this post. 

The walk began with a drum roll by the wonderful Drummer, Laura Young. The Town Criers was the playful Adele Landauer. This time we did not have a Tweet Master. Together we sang and hummed excerpts of Dona Nobis Pacem; we sang Imagine. Participants narrated poems that encapsulated their experience at the Festival. Thank you so much for your participation.

History: So far, there have been 50 Twitter guided walks starting in 2009 LTAW; each is a shared moment—a step towards peace and collective wellbeing. Prompting dialogues and positive changes, walking on-site and with people from anywhere in the world creating a similar footprint on different soil, #walkingtogetherapart.

Join us for the next walk in person or from anywhere in the world via @mcayer on Twitter and Instagram Live @mcayer27I will inform you of the next walk, or please email me via the contact on my website; I will gladly send you advance notice via email. 

From near or far, I hope to share a journey with you. Thank you for your participation, collaboration, attention and support. 
With gratitude and love 

Marie Christine