Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Let's Take a Walk #56 for The International Women's Day

Dear Friends 

Thank you so much to those who joined in for Let's Take a Walk #56 via Twitter @mcayer & Instagram Live @LetstakeaWalk_World. 

We celebrated #InternationalWomensDay. #walkingtogetherapart for #allwomen #withLoveforPeace


This year Women's month theme is Innovation and Technology for #GenderEquality #EmbraceEquity #DigitALL including #TranceRights.


The Color; Purple.


What song or a poem that celebrates All Women, that speaks of #womensrights & #EmbraceEquity did you sing or recite?

We talked about Beautiful by Carol King and Sia Unstoppable.


My gratitude to the excellent Tweet Master: Zackary Stephen_. Together, Zack and I began the walk on 5th Ave and 42nd street, historically the site of several essential marches, such as the one on March 8, 1857, when female textile workers marched in protest of unfair working conditions and unequal rights for women. It was one of the first organized strikes by working women, during which they called for a shorter workday and decent wages. As well as the Women's March for Suffrage on October 23, 1915, over 25,000 women marched up Fifth Avenue in New York City to advocate for women's suffrage. At that point, the fight had been ongoing for over 65 years, with the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 first passing a resolution favoring women's suffrage. Unfortunately, they wouldn't find success for another five years.

We walked through The New York Public Library's current exhibition pausing in front of various exhibited items that honored the achievements of several women.


The Magnificent Sarah Bernhardt inspiring, creative and courageous.

      Rosa Park, civil activist, with courage took historical actions to protest racial segregation.                                                              

Mary Wollstonecraft's book A Vindication of the Rights of Women 1792

                Virginia Wolf inspired writing. 
                 Here is one of her diary and her walking cane.  
QiGong practiced in front of the Library for Tranquility and Harmony
We all want Peace, don't we? don't we?

After the walk, I stoped by the beautiful  St Thomas Church to light a candle by the Statue of Mary in honor of my mother. Thinking of Women's strengths and courage.


Let's Take a Walk brings people to share a moment, a step toward peace. participants from anywhere in the world joined us via Twitter @mcayer and Instagram @letstakeawalk_world. When performed on-site, a Town Crier, Tweet Master, and Drummer assist me. Addressing topic(s) related to the walk, prompting dialogue, inviting audience participation. As we journey, the knitted overskirt I wear, created days before each walk with passerby, unravels, leaving traces. Performance time 30 minutes. So far, there have been 54 walks. See http://letstakeawalkmc.blogspot.com. Prior the performance I work with passersby, knitting and sharing stories; posing questions directly related to the theme of the performance. Shlepping & Displaying, consisted of displaying the unraveled dress over the few days following the walk.                                                                                          

As part of the project, Marie Christine maintains a blog http://letstakeawalkmc.blogspot.com 

Thank you as always for your support and participation.

with Love for Peace 

Marie Christine