Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Let's Take a Walk #48 as Part of Laura Victoria Ward's Playful Connection Embodiment Circle

As part of Laura Victoria Ward Playful Connection Embodiment Circle, I conducted Let's Take a Walk on Friday, December 4th. 

Embodiment Circle is Inclusive, Playful, rooted in Loving Kindness and Fun! 

Here are images of  the key points of our journey.

Today was the National Day of Dices, so the amount of steps for our walk, where decided by chance, 19 steps. 


                 Look up, what do you see, this is what I could see.

Shel Silverstein poem "Put Something In" guided the next action, 

                        What could you hear?                                           Close your eyes, think of someone you love.

We concluded the walk singing Dona Nobis Pacem 

Let's Take a Walk Walking together apart. Moving in sync from anywhere in the world. Sharing a journey, a step toward peace, compassion and understanding. 

Looking forward to taking the next walk with you.

A bientôt 

Marie Christine