Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Let's Take a Walk #54 took place during the International Women's Day.

Let's Take a (Virtual Twitter and Instagram Guided) Walk #54 took place to mark the International Women's Day, #WalkingTogetherApart we sang Imagine and hum to Donna Nobis Pacem.  

We walked separately but shared a journey with people worldwide for Peace with Love.  I conducted the walk on Instagram Live and via Twitter with the help of Joris, the Tweet master. I did not feel well enough to go to Central Park where I had initially planned to guide you from so I did it from my studio.

Here are some moments of the walk.

 We followed the red thread.

a gift from my Favorite Grandmother



Nevertheless, We persisted and a gift from my daughter. 

Catching the light and a gift from my son.

#HummingTogetherApart #DonnaNobisPacem

What's my Worth? Evaluating the worth of the work of woman, an artist, a mother.

Adrianna Mateo accompanied us via Instagram

we pass by my father shoe when he was two years old, walking along with my Favorite Grandmother

Following the tread, we had a moment of silence for  the people of  Ukraine, the people protesting in Russia, and everyone opening their home to the refugees.


Imagine Peace

Thank you for your support and participation. It was a day celebrating women, in respect for humanity.

With Love for Peace.

Marie Christine