Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's take a walk TO THE VOTING BOOTH

Hello my friends,
This will be the 30th walk with a particularly important purpose. It will be a call for everyone to vote in the US Presidential Election on Tuesday. At 11am New York time I will be tweeting my journey on the way to my polling station, hosted at the LGBT center.You can join me via Twitter by following mcayer. As I walk I will be talking to people in the street, urging them to go to vote. The tweet messages I'll send will also serve as a call to vote. You can help by joining the walk & by re tweeting.
Your vote is your choice and your voice. 
People affected by the Storm have survival in their mind, some will not even be able to go and vote.
Let's find ways to help, be safe everyone. 
Bise Marie Christine

Yesterday on Staten Island with Lindsay B. Davis and her friend Karen Maria Schleifer helping out in the cleaning out process. Karen was raising everyone's spirit with her voice and her hugs.

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