Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's take a walk# 31 took place by 5 Pointz in LIC

Most of the Walks have a theme, LTAW# 31 happen in conjunction to a group show De_Tour at Local Project nested into the 5 Pointz building near PS1and during the LIC Art Open.
So I dedicate LTAW # 31 to Artists all over the world. I am so grateful to
Drummer  Robert James Anderson,  Performer Gina Bonati, 
Tweet Master Amanda Millet-Sorsa & Town Crier Nathalie Michel

Thank you to everyone who join us and to the people who followed us via Twitter. We were in LIC Queens, I wonder where you were. If you filmed or photographed your journey please send me your images to my account at no cost to you via yousentit 

Thank you so much to everyone for your participation and support, bise Marie Christine

 Part one, Knitting... I need you. Teaching people to knit and exchanging stories

At Local Project mck
At PS1 court yard mck
Women at work at PS1

Elisa Clark Curator of De_Tour mck

Part two, LTAW#31 performance

Photo by Elisa Clark courtesy of mck 
Photo by Geoff Katz courtesy of mck

Photo by Paul Katz courtesy of mck

Photo by Elisa Clark courtesy of mck

Photo by Elisa Clark courtesy of mck

The photo above is so far the only image I have received that feature the all the performers
Drummer  Robert James AndersonTweet Master Amanda Millet-Sorsa & Town Crier Nathalie Michel
We along with the participants were singing a mixture of songs.

Part three Shlepping & Displaying, the day following the walk I presented the remain of the performance in various places throughout the neighborhood

Photo by mck
Photo by mck

Photo by mck

 L'important c'est d'aimer Photo by mck
Photo by mck

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