Monday, March 30, 2020

Let's Take a (Virtual, Twitter Guided) Walk #42 A Stroll with Skoll

Dear Friends and Supporters 

As part of the Skoll World Forum I will conduct Let’s Take a (Virtual, Twitter Guided) Walk

                                         A Stroll with Skoll, 
                     Wednesday April 1st at 12noon (EST) 5pm (BST) 
No registration required, simply follow ‪@mcayer on Twitter to receive guiding tweets

During this time where it’s vital to stay secluded and to keep our distances from each other,
I invite you to share a virtual Twitter-guided Walk. We will be walking separately but sharing a journey, from anywhere in the world, indoor or outdoor.
Let’s Take a Walk #42 will take place on Wednesday April 1st at 12noon (EST) 5pm (BST) From New York City I will guide you via ‪@mcayer on Twitter through a 20min walking participatory performance. During the walk, the focus will be on the health and well being of the world and it's inhabitants, prompting dialogues and actions. I invite participants to sing, speak a poem, take and share photos of our journey and more.
Together, though apart, we create a similar footprint on different soil. In preparation for our walk here are suggestions of poems that speaks of human nature and the environment

So far, there have been 41 walks; each is a shared moment—a step towards peace. 
From near or far I hope to share a journey with you.
To see past walks scroll to the various posts of this blog
For those of you new to this project here is a short intro:

Let’s Take a Walk
Since 2009 I have conducted LTAW, a worldwide walk I lead using Twitter ‪@mcayer to guide a shared journey, walking together apart. As I take and tweet a left turn, participants from anywhere in the world also turn left. 
During the walk, I ask questions about current social topics, prompting dialogues and actions.Together, though apart, we will journey along creating a similar footprint on different soil.
Note that sometimes LTAW also takes place on site as a performance, but this is, of course, not feasible at present but here is a description, a Town Crier, a Tweet Master, and a Drummer assist me. Passerby’s are invited to join in as well. We film and photograph our journeys, which I compile later into an installation, incorporating costumes and props used during the walk. This final product demonstrates the experience of walking in different places yet moving in sync.
As always, I thank you for your participation,
I wish you and your loved ones well.
Marie Christine

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