Monday, January 18, 2021

Let's Take a Walk #49 took place 1/20/2021.Together we celebrated Joe Biden & Kamala Harris' Inauguration and the completion of Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags*

We walked separately, sharing a journey, from anywhere in the world; Let's Take a Walk #49 via Twitter @mcayer  and on Instagram Live @mcayer27


How it worked: Guiding you via @mcayer on Twitter and Instagram Live @mcayer27.

For LTAW #49, the focus was #celebration #compassion & #respect.Prompting dialogues and positive changes. We created a similar footprint on different soil, #walkingtogetherapart. 

I guided you with Noam Saul's assistance as the Tweetmaster, Vika The Town Crier, and Steven, the Drummer. We took a moment to hear the sounds around us during the walk, and then we sang Imagine. "Imagine all the people living life in peace." Let's #dreamofpeacetoghether.

Please send photos and videos of your walk via Twitter or email on this site. I will add to the ever-growing installation. 

History: So far, there have been 49 Twitter guided walks starting in 2009 LTAW; each is a shared moment—a step towards peace and collective wellbeing. #walkingtogetherapart

*Description of Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags

Hangers 101 & A Litany of Hashtags

1/20/2021_1/20/2021. I paused the question, "how do you feel about what's happening around us and in the world? Creating a dialogue on the political/social climate. Participants posed, holding hangers, sharing opinions. I added a thread of yarn, symbolizing their responses, which I turned into hashtags, i.e., #concernedaboutclimatechange, #womensrighttochoose,#whishforpeace, and posted images and hashtags on Instagram (@mcayer27)

a Litany of Hashtags, the ensuing performance (s), comprised monologue(s) created from participants' commentaries and the transformation of the yarned hangers. Performance Artifacts become sculptural work, installation. This work's cumulation comprises a large scale installation, sculptures, performance, a soundtrack, and a video. I am delighted to announce the completion of the Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags Soundtrack created in collaboration with Nicole Brancato, Joris Pierre Katz, and myself, to be found on Bandcamp.

Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags took place in my studio, on the streets as well as at the Glasshouse in Brooklyn, the Bergen Art Festival in Norway, the New York Studio School exhibition, in Back to the Future at Local Project LIC, during The Artist Parade with AIOP, Plaxall Gallery LIC and Blue Spirit in Costa Rica. Visit @mcayer27 on Instagram to see the entire progression of this work.

From near or far, I hope to share a journey with you. 

Thank you for your attention and support. 

I wish you health, patience, and wonderful discoveries.

Marie Christine 

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