Saturday, May 5, 2012

LTAW #27 An experiment

LTAW #27 took place with a group of students and a teacher from a wonderful school in New York City.
As an experiment, the students were given a starting point. Group 1 Washington Square, Group 2 Father Demo Square, and group 3 (Bill and myself) at a triangular Park at the corner of 6th Ave and Spring Street called Juan Pablo Duarte Square
The walk took place at 10 am (EST) each group received the walking directions via Twitter.
In addition to the walk we then met back to the Students school and drew our journey, trying to recall the directions received, streets used and the songs we sung...

It was interesting to me to observe, that we recalled places in more specificity when connected with a thought, ie Think of someone you wish were with you... Also I am surprise to see that the journey we took had different "shape" I expected that we would all create a similar shapes yet in looking at the drawings it is clear that although we all walked the same steps the lines we created were very different.
The students have now images and video footage to use in a video editing project. I hope to be able to share those video with you very soon.
Did you take the walk with us? If so please send me images and video footage via 

Thank you so much for your interest and support.
marie christine

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