Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's take a walk... I need you

I am trilled to be one of the artists participating in Art in Odd Places 

Curated by Edwin Ramoran. Joined by Guest Curators: Raquel de Anda, Christine Licata, Shaun J. Wright; Curatorial Coordinator, Lyra Monteiro; Assistants, Claire H. Demere and John Wenrich. Festival Producer, Sarah Brozna Founder/Director, EdWoodham  Art in Odd Places (AiOP) presents visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces. This October 5-15, 2012, AiOP will pursue the theme MODEL over 100 participating artists—our largest festival yet! Converting Manhattan's 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River into a two-mile runway, AiOP 2012: MODEL will present transformative ideas, wearable visions of positive change, and walking theories, while working to expand preconceived notions of public space and art.  

Let's take a walk… I need you
October 5-11 along 14 St  11am to 7 pm , I’ll invite the public to knit. Walking, knitting exchanging stories, unraveling…Some of the element knitted during those strolls will be used to create the dresses I’ll wear for Let's take a walk #28 & 29 

Using the phenomenon of Twitter to organize “group walks To be part of the walk from anywhere in the world please follow
October 12, Let’s take a walk # 28, start at 6:30pm departing from Union Square south A drummer, a town crier, a tweet master and myself will lead you west along 14th Street. (cast to be announced soon)
October 14, Let’s take a walk #29 start at 11am, departing from Union Square south walking east along 14th Street.
October 13 & 15, throughout the day, the artist will display the remains of the costumes from the walks at various points on 14th Street.

Invite a friend, a lover, an enemy, a stranger to join us.
Looking forward to share those moments with you

                       A participants at today's press event
   His grand mother is Burmese, her stories are always based on Buddhism .

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