Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's take a walk...I need you day # 7

To see the Art in Odd Places Blog entry with photos please click here Let's take a walk...I need you 

Let’s Take a Walk…I need you
by Marie Christine Katz
as  part of the 8th annual Art in Odd Places festival 

                                     Please join us for Let’s take a walk
October 12, Let’s take a walk # 28, start at 6:30pm departing from Union Square south A drummer, a town crier, a tweet master and myself will lead you west along 14th Street.
October 14Let’s take a walk #29 start at 11am, departing from Union Square south walking east along 14th Street.

Using the phenomenon of Twitter to organize “group walks To be part of the walk from anywhere in the world please follow

I am delighted to introduce the cast of LTAW #28 & #29
The Drummers Jeremy Ayers  
                      & Al Covelli  
Tweet Master Cheryl Kaplan 
The Guide Marie Christine Katz 
The  Town Crier Jennifer Sklias-Gahan 

Since October 9th along 14 St I invited the public to knit. Walking, knitting exchanging stories, unraveling…I used some of the element knitted during those strolls to create the dresses I’ll wear for Let’s take a walk #28 & 29th

October 13 & 15, throughout the day, I will display the remains of the costumes from the walks at various points on 14th Street.
Invite a friend, a lover, an enemy, a stranger to join us.
Looking forward to share those moments with you

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) presents visual and performance art in unexpected public
Curated by Edwin Ramoran. Joined by Guest Curators: Raquel de Anda, Christine Licata, Shaun J. Wright; Curatorial Coordinator, Lyra Monteiro; Assistants, Claire H. Demere and John Wenrich. Festival Producer, Sarah Brozna Founder/Director, EdWoodham                                           

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