Monday, September 23, 2019

LTAW #39 took place during Greta Thunberg's led ClimatStrike

Let's Take a Walk #39
On Friday September 20th  Global Climate Strike led by Greta Thunberg took place throughout the world. I was in Foley Square, New York City, conducting Let's Take a Walk #39 via @mcayer on Twitter. Here are moments of that day and gathered impressions of this powerful and very important movement. Although we did not moved that much during this version of LTAW, together we did say something nice to someone, we sang a song, shared our #ConcernesfortheWorld, #ForOurChildren and thought of what we, as individual can do to lessen the impact we have on our environment, #NoPlastic #Vegetarian #MindfullConsumption #MindfullTravel #Walk #Bike #PublicTransportation #Upcycling, do you have additional suggestions? I would love to hear what you do to make a difference. 

Before I post this blog I have to add Greta's words "How Dear You" this spoke to me "How Dare we?"

Here are some participants and their words 

#HoneyNotMoney      #WeAreToast




#Dinosaure #DidentSeeitComing #Either



It was a hot,
very hot for a late September day.
Thank you so much for being part of this very important movement and for joining in LTAW #39.
Marie Christine  

Let's Take a Walk, guided and performed since 2009. Walking together in different places throughout the world, yet moving in sync. Each walk is a shared moment, a way to connect with each others. In my hope a step toward peace. 

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