Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Let’s Take a (Virtual. Twitter & Instagram live, Guided) Walk #47 to the early voting, voting booth

Dear friends and fellow walker

Let’s Take a (Virtual. Twitter & Instagram live, Guided) Walk #47, Sunday, November 1st; I’ll take you along on my way to the early voting, voting booth. 
We will be walking separately but sharing a journey from anywhere in the world; let’s Take a (Virtual, Twitter Guided) Walk #47  Sunday, November 1st at noon EST via Twitter @mcayer and on Instagram Live @mcayer27

How it works: From NYC, I will guide you via ‪@mcayer on Twitter. 
For LTAW #47, the focus will be #hopeforchange & #respect.Prompting dialogues and positive changes. We’ll create a similar footprint on different soil, #walkingtogetherapart. 
How to join:  Follow ‪@mcayer on Twitter to receive guiding tweets. Please take photos and videos of your walk and send them to me via Twitter or email. Adding to the ever-growing installation.  
History: So far, there have been 46 Twitter guided walks starting in 2009 LTAW each is a shared moment—a step towards peace and collective wellbeing. 
From near or far, I hope to share a journey with you. 
Thank you for your attention and support. 
I wish you health, patience, and wonderful discoveries.

For those of you interested in early voting, please check 

With gratitude, hope and love 

Marie Christine

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