Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Let's Take a Walk #47, Vote.

LTAW#47 took us to the early voting, voting booth. We took a virtual guided Walk. Walking separately but sharing a journey #WalkingTogetherApart #Worldwide, departing from Ludlow street to Henry street in the Lower East Side NYC. Where did your walk end? 

Those of you who live abroad joined us to show support in this critical moment. 

We walked for #Peace #Change #Respect and #inMemoriam of those who passed away as it was November 1st, the day of the dead. November 1st is also #VeganDay, with respect to all being.

From near or far, thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Who did you think of?

What was your wish?

What song did you sing? 

The song I hummed was Dona Nobis Pacem.

Paul, Tweet Master of the day, guided you via Twitter, as I led you via Instagram Live.

It was raining, so challenging to Tweet under an umbrella. I was expecting a long line at the pole, but no one was there.

I wish you and your loved one's health, love, and beautiful discoveries.

In the hope that today's voting will significantly change the course of this country and it's relation to the world.

Thank you so much for your participation and support. 

With Love Marie Christine 

See the last few minutes of LTAW #47

Vote 2020

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